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Free Captain America Shield Coloring Pages

no. it's his leg and last time i checked, you don't throw the ball with his legs. he's going to have to deal with it all day long. >> joe: the chairman of these seahawks raising the 12th man flag.

seattle won the toss. they deferred. that means aaron rodgers on this 51-degree day, with gusting winds up to 25 miles per hour will start his day momentarily and start it from the 20. the numbers in his postseason career, 22 interceptions, rather

five interceptions, 22 touchdowns, a quarterback rating, the career postseason record might surprise you, just 6-4, coming off that gritty, gutty performance at home against dallas. here we go. four-man rush.

rodgers out to his left. throw is low, but caught. that's john kuhn. and on first down, a pickup of three. second down and seven coming up. graphically we look at what they've done. they love to get off to a great

start and they like to start fast as they're doing right now. they're not wasting any time. jordy nelson opposite sherman. rodgers was looking that way, but pressure in his face, he had to go to the back side. here's lacy. nice play.

up from the secondary with support and the defensive lineman kevin williams, who was filling in up front and had some injuries. they no longer have brandon meeb ann up there or jordan hill. you look at what they've done defensively in seattle.

this defense is rolling. on a seven-game win streak, third and seven. bennett came across and it's again seattle. >> referee: [ inaudible ] five-yard penalty will remain. third down.

>> joe: with all the crowd noise, the defensive linemen like to get a jump. they have more defensive off side calls than any other team in the season. and bennett makes it now third down and long one. lot of different variations as

well for the packers with that silent count, which they have to use due to the noise here in seattle. they give it to lacy. he's got a first down, and eddie lacy, who got dinged week one on the opening thursday night had only 34 yards rushing, picks up

13. >> troy: you see the block by randall cobb in the slot position and how he's able to create a lane for eddie lacy. that was a big penalty on michael bennett. it makes it third and short and allows them to run the football

to pick up the first down. >> joe: here's lacy again. left side. that's where he likes to run. they've got one of the best left guards in the business, josh sitton, who has been getting healthier and healthier after tearing a ligament in week 8

against new orleans. more times than not, lacy will take it to his side. second and seven. penalty flag flies. this one may be a free play and downfield for nelson, incomplete. but with the substitutions,

we'll see if seattle had more than 11 on the field. >> troy: might have had 12 on the field, joe. they're running up-tempo offense and caught them in a substitution. >> joe: i think aaron runs out about as well as anybody in the

nfl. surprised they don't do it more. >> referee: the 12th player on the defense did not leave the field in time. defense, five-yard penalty. repeat second down. >> joe: that's bruce irvin, trying to get off the field with

a substitution. aaron rodgers, as you said, joe, does an outstanding job of picking up the tempo upon when he recognizes that a defense is trying to substitute players, he'll get the ball snapped, as he did and catch them with an extra man on the field.

>> troy: this time the 12th man hurt seattle. >> joe: second and two. jordy nelson. against sherman. high snap, quick throw, pass behind adams. first down. and a good catch by the rookie

who let everybody know last week, and the cowboys know, just how good he is. >> troy: and aaron rodgers told us the other day that on that last throw that he made to adams on the last drive for them against the cowboys, he moved him from one position to the

other knowing that's where the ball was going to go. showed great confidence in him. he made the play and essentially locked up that game. >> joe: adams not a factor at all week one when these two teams met. good protection, quick throw.

cobb in space. makes a move, a flag is down. cobb's got a first down. bangs into a parabolic mike on the sideline, but a flag is thrown. >> referee: illegal use of the hands, hands to the face, defense, number 66, this penalty

will be declined. result of the play, first down. >> joe: they get cliff avril and the play will count. >> troy: you see the route, a simple front slat combination. cliff avril and he gets his hand under the face mask of right tackle bryan bulaga.

bulaga got injured in week one, and that was a huge deficit for this green bay packer offense. they just couldn't function. he's got his hands full with these edge rushers. >> joe: rodgers pulls it back and then tries to hit adams. pass incomplete, second and ten

coming up. davante adams was not even the third receiver week one. he's been getting better and better. had a down month of december. in the big game end of november against new england, and then last week, went off.

there are the numbers against the cowboys in the divisional win. >> troy: they're been needing a third guy to step up. richard rodgers did in the season finale against detroit. haft week it was davante adams. jordy nelson, randall cobb have

been outstanding all year. look at davante adams going like they did last week, they've got something. >> joe: second and ten. this one far sideline, incomplete, good coverage. jordy nelson the intended target with maxwell and those two saw a

lot of each other in week one. >> troy: they sure did. they lined up jordy nelson in that first match-up. on the left side of the formation on every snap except they went after byron maxwell and you better be careful whether you're going after him

too. richard sherman obviously the elite corner. but byron maxwell is an outstanding player in his own right. >> joe: rodgers, top rated quarterback on third down this season.

cobb in the back field. protection, end zone, adams, and hit by sherman! oh, they're playing with fire and number 25 just burned aaron rodgers. >> troy: talked to aaron rodgers the other night, said, are you going to dry a deep ballbiqz

>> joe: turnover is confirmed. both feet down. it's a pick. marshawn lynch picks up three. let's go back to the interception, troy. >> troy: well, initially, aaron rodgers is trying to throw the ball to the left side of the

field. davante adams, one-on-one on richard sherman and, one, i would be nervous about throwing anything deep to richard sherman. because if you underthrow it, it's going to be intercepted. cam newton found that out last

week. a lot of quarterbacks have over the time of his career. but rodgers comes back, not only underthrows it, but he's late on the throw, and he made him pay. >> joe: wilson, to the right, throw its away. richard sherman started his

college career as a receiver. drafted in the fifth round out of stanford. came into the league with a chip on his shoulder. not a friend of harbaugh at his time there. the numbers are unbelievable. 24 picks in his first four

years. that's one shy of tying the nfl record. he's got two this postseason. and i haven't heard you talk about corner backs the way you talk about richard sherman in the time we've been together. >> troy: i think you can throw

the ball against him, but you have to be able to use the receiver's size. like jordy nelson, use his body. when you throw balls down the field and allow him to make a play one-on-one, typically he's better than the rec the ball.

>> joe: into the air and the rookie clinton-dix on the return is going to be knocked down inside the 5. tramon williams is the first guy who got his hands on it in front of jermaine kearse and it's a tip, a pick, and the packers are in better shape than they were

five minutes ago. >> troy: excellent coverage by tramon williams. this ball gets out in front of jermaine kearse. and because of that, the ball gets tipped up and clinton-dix is right there to catch the ball off the deflection.

both of these offenses have done a great job all year long of not turning it over. here on the first possession, each quarterback has an interception. >> joe: at the end of the play, they threw a flag, unsportsman like conduct against green bay

and this is big. it's daniels that came over and got in the face of j.r. sweezy. instead of having first and goal from inside the 5, the ball is backed up to the 19 yard line. >> troy: well, it hurt the packers last week in the game against the cowboys with t.j.

lang. he got an unsportsman like penalty, 15 yards, not smart football. >> joe: trying to win a playoff game on the road, that kind of stuff will kill you. mike daniels guilty of it. first and ten now from the 19.

russell wilson had go finish four playoff games without a pick. that streak over. time-out green bay. so each side has a >>> today's game is sponsored by bud light who reminds fans to stay in the game and drink

responsibly. >> joe: play starts at the 19. spanish language broadcast available on both fox deportes and by using s.a.p. on our broadcast. cobb in motion out of the back rodgers over the middle, got the rookie tight end, and another

guy who is much more of a factor, richard rodgers, than he was in week one, is good for 12. and the packers are about back to where they were before the unsportsman like conduct. >> troy: good pocket in the middle for aaron rodgers. they get a free release with

richard rodgers over the middle. i know in talking with aaron the other day, he feels if they're not able to get the ball down the field, that little pocket right over the center has been a weak spot for the seattle defense. >> joe: here's lacy on first and

goal. eddie lacy, the second-year back is going to lunge near the 1. much better day today weather wise than last week in green bay when the asthma acted up. he's also been bothered by a bad knee, but he looks charged up and ready to go, good for six.

it's second and goal with the ball right at the 1. extra offensive linemen in there for green bay. see if they can pound it in. here's kuhn, the fullback. he's in for the touchdown and it's points off the turnover, the interception on the

deflection, and john kuhn, the pro-bowler pounds it in, the fullback for the first points of the day. and we'll give it another look and make sure the elbow wasn't down before the ball broke the plane. elbow's down --

>> referee: the ruling on the field was touchdown. >> joe: because it's a scoring play, they'll give it another look and i think they're going to pull this one back. >> troy: just a matter of where the point of the ball is at the time the elbow goes to the

ground. from that angle there -- field is touchdown. >> troy: that he did not touchdown the goal line, but i don't know that we'll have a definitive view. >> joe: mike pereira thinks they're pulling it back.

>>> today's game on fox is sponsored by ford. beautiful things happen when you go for them. and by pizza hut. we're taking pizza where it's never been before. >> joe: we'll get the call here from our referee, tony parenty.

we think he's short. it will be third and goal. >> referee: after review, the runner was short of the goal line at the half yard line. it will be third down and goal from the one-half yard line. >> troy: we've seen mike mccarthy, i know it's third down

here, but i would have to think he's viewing this as four-down territory. we've seen him a number of times go for it on fourth down, especially on the road against a good defensive unit, to get this close, i would expect him, if they are unable to score the

touchdown here on third down to go for it on fourth. >> joe: again, they bring in extra offensive linemen, on third and goal from inches away. he doesn't get it. it's fourth down and earl thomas at the end of the play, comes a few feet away from aaron

rodgers, then sticks his right-hand out to shake his hand, and green bay is bringing their field-goal unit on, as bruce irvin made the play. >> troy: bruce irvin does a nice job of coming off the block just enough to stuff eddy lacey and keep him from crossing the goal

line. i think mike mccarthy has seen enough times them not make it when they've gone for it on fourth down. he said, we'll take a three-point lead provided crosby can make this field goal. >> joe: less than an extra

point. they just got it away and it's 3-0 green bay, but we've had a reversal of the call on the and >> joe: aerial coverage is provided by nationwide here in and i know you're still surprised, as am i, that mike

mccarthy from less than a yard away didn't try it on fourth down. >> troy: i think a lot of coaches wa watching this game would have made the decision he did, and you go up 3-0 on the road. but mike mccarthy has been so

aggressive, especially in recent weeks, and he's so confident in his offense, i'm just shocked that he didn't go for it. and then if you don't make it, boy, you're putting seattle on the half-foot line and pretty good for your defense too. >> joe: that's how gusty it is,

had to hold the ball, and about midway into the end zone, it's caught out by baldwin. ball is out. green bay looks like they've got it. remember, paul richardson, the rookie is out. tore his acl last week.

he had been returning kicks and baldwin puts it on the ground. green bay's got it. and two early turnovers here at home by the seahawks. >> troy: you see doug baldwin and brad jones able to come in and knock it loose. what a job by the special teams.

shawn slocum, special teams coordinator, giving the ball back to the offense with great field position once again. seattle came into this game having turned the ball over just 14 times all season long. now in the first seven minutes of the nfc championship game,

they've turned it over twice. >> joe: yeah, these were two teams that were in the top three, turning the ball over, meaning the fewest. green bay tied for the fewest give aways when new england was seattle right behind them. there's shawn slocum, proud of

his group. it's been an up and down grum for the special teams for green bay, and they force a fumble. it was brad jones, the line backer who's lost a lot of playing time this year, who forced it. right back to work is aaron

rodgers from inside the 25, at the 23. he's going to hand it to lacy. he runs to the right side this time. and eddie lacy, who couldn't pound it in on third down and goal is good on first down for eight.

brought down by tony mcdaniel. back to the fumble by baldwin. >> troy: didn't look like anything spectacular. brad jones didn't punch it out. just came in to make a tackle and just did not secure the ball. but a costly turnover for this

seattle team. here's lacy left side. eddie lacy, a lot of room to run. he's set up first and goal. and talking to aaron rodgers, with the lighter defensive line for seattle, he believes they are going to run it right down

their throat or attempt to. >> troy: eddie lacy, going back to week one, just had 34 yards rushing in that game. he's already surpassed that here in this first quarter. so they have had some success in the early going of this game on the ground.

right into the arms of mcdaniel. mcdaniel was on the injury list this week, bothered by a shoulder. he's made a couple of good plays. a gain of one, second and goal. >> troy: came in talking about richard sherman and how the

packers were going to try to play against him. got the interception, really since the early part of this game, the first possession, they put jordy nelson to his side. since then, they have been going with davante adams to the right side against richard sherman,

and he's there once again on this play. >> joe: second and goal. this is nelson, off his right hand, incomplete. well played by lane, defensively. good throw by aaron rodgers, the timing just a hair off.

>> troy: the timing was pretty good in terms of when he turned it loose. it just was a little too far out in front of jordy nelson in order for him to be able to make the play. they get the match-up. their best receiver against

jeremy lane, their nickel corner. they just failed to complete the pass. >> joe: third and goal. pass is caught, but short of the end zone. randall cobb. and now it's fourth and goal

again. and the field-goal unit will come on again for green bay. richard sherman and early thomas made the stop. so these are two misses in the red zone for this green bay offense with regard to touchdowns.

>> troy: well, packer fans are cringing right now. because we've seen green bay over the course of this year, when they've been really good in the red zone, and we've seen them at other times when they've really struggled. they've now gotten down here a

couple of times against a great defensive unit with short field position and have failed to capitalize. >> joe: this one from 19. it's a 6-0 game, but seattle will take it. the good news is, for green bay, they forced another turnover.

the bad news is, they couldn't pound it . >> joe: both these teams very good at not turning it over. for seattle, last time they had two turnovers in the first quarter, it's been 60 games. 2011.

and then on the green bay side, i'm sure packer fans are backing green bay all over thinking they've left eight points sitting out there on the road against seattle, leading by just six. over five to go. opening quarter.

this one out of the back of the and tonight the man they're calling the irish muhammad ali is fighting on fox sports 1. >> i'm the notorious conor mcgregor and no fighter moves like i move. they don't think like i think. they don't talk like i talk.

one thing is for sure, they don't look as good as i look. see for yourself tonight after the afc championship only on fox sports 1. >> joe: he was on the road to becoming a plumber. he's 4-0 in ufc and he's fun to watch.

>> troy: that dude's the real deal. i watch some of him in those fights and man, that guy, he is something else. the irish muhammad ali. >> joe: he can talk. here's lynch. he doesn't like to talk.

thank you for asking. i'm thankful. a gain of three. marshawn lynch has become a game for him with the media. it's been an expensive game, where he doesn't talk when a microphone is put in front of his face.

when he's forced to, he just gives the same answer over and over. worried that he was going to wear golden shoes for this game, but the league said, go ahead and try it. first time it will be a penalty. next time you'll be gone.

traditional shoes. seahawks trying to establish something and brought down from behind is wilson. good pressure and it's julius peppers who is celebrating his 35th birthday today. he had a fountain of youth game last week against dallas, and

he's got a sack here in the championship game. >> troy: why wouldn't it be peppers at the top of the screen. he keeps playing, he comes in and russell wilson fortunate to hang on to the ball. could have gotten peppers with

the face mask. but russell wilson hanging on to the ball as peppers goes for it. made a couple huge plays in the game last week and comes up with a big one there. >> joe: couple of forced fumbles now third down and ten. wilson hit as he let it go.

this has been a good start for this green bay defense. all the focus on seattle's rolling defense, and after throwing a third down pick on the first possession, this time it's three and out. >> troy: julius peppers, you see the drive, he goes right through

j.r. sweezy at right guard. and j.r. sweezy is a former defensive lineman who really has had a nice transition to the guard. been there since a rookie. but julius peppers goes right through him. >> joe: packers are all up

looking for the block, and they almost got there. end over end from ryan. and a bobble from hyde who is able to get back on top of it. not raining, but the ball is slick. sun in the eyes of micah hyde, able to get back on top

>> joe: 2015 nfl pro bowl presented by mcdonald's. fantasticcy football for real. michael irvin, cris carter selected teams this wednesday. pro bowl live from arizona, home of super bowl xlix on sunday january 25th. packers have the ball.

micah hyde, losing it in the sun. that's how the ball was lost in the sun. last time was 1999. that stat is unofficial. we've had every season in about two hours here in seattle. and after a day and a half,

waiting for it, aaron rodgers finds jordy nelson. you give aaron rodgers that much time, that kind of protection, with these receivers who know how to scramble and aaron rodgers will pick you apart. >> troy: there's 31 other quarterbacks in the league that

will pick you apart with that kind of time. you see there's no pressure on him whatsoever. jordy nelson, he's waiting, waiting, waiting. no reason for him to go anywhere. he's open, and aaron rodgers

finds him. >> joe: fourth packer drive, all four times in seahawk territory and now jordy nelson tried to make a move before he made the catch. looking for a face mask call, doesn't get it. nelson couldn't make the catch.

second and ten and let's see why jordy nelson was upset working against maxwell. >> troy: clearly hands to the face mask by byron maxwell. but having said that, jordy nelson has to make that catch. we saw him make a couple drops last week.

that was an easy ball that he typically makes. >> joe: field has been tilted so far, second and ten. here's lacy, right side. good blocking out in front. eddie lacy with that spin move and he's close to first down yardage, just short.

third and short coming up. wagner in on the stop and we've seen a lot of this move in two years from eddie lacy. >> troy: well, he's a younger version of marshawn lynch. he's a physical runner. kam chancellor is going to be down in the box throughout this

game. davante adams, he gets enough of him that he's not able to make a play on eddie lacy. i know in week one, eddie lacy said kam chancellor rung his bell pretty good. that's a physical match-up between those two guys.

but davante adams gets enough of him to allow lacy to get by. >> joe: third down and one. and a time-out taken by green bay with the play clock down to about one. and so before this third down and one, we'll give america a chance to see troy aikman.

there he is right there. this start for green bay, i know the scoreboard just says 6-0, but defensively, offensively, able to move the ball, open holes for eddie lacy. this is about as good as they could have hoped for coming on the road.

>> troy: well, it's as good as they could hope for in terms of field position, but not capitalizing. and this is a seattle defense that has not been good throughout the year in stopping people from scoring touchdowns in the red zone.

so as dominant as this first quarter has been for the green bay packers, to only be leading 6-0, seattle feels good about that. >> joe: and now they've got a third down and less than one. aaron rodgers moving around well, better than he did in the

first half last week against the cowboys. they're in field-goal range for crosby. they're thinking first down. here's kuhn, the fullback, and he's going to pick it up. it's not spectacular with john kuhn, but he seems to get what

they need just about every time he touches the ball. that's a nice first down for green bay. >> troy: it's really nice and green bay goes from a full house back field from the pistol set and it allows them a lot of options, whether run it to the

strength, go back weak side, hand it to eddie lacy, or give it to john kuhn, but it was a good first down pickup by john kuhn. >> joe: under two to go, opening quarter. pass caught. that is the rookie tight end

and richard rodgers, who by aaron rodgers estimation, just wasn't ready for week one, wasn't a factor at all. he's already had a couple of catches down here. >> troy: what they've done on both of them, since they started randall cobb in the back field,

motion him out, it softens up the defense because of the concern of cobb. they then bring richard rodgers back over the middle of the ball and both times there's been an open spot for him to get it. >> joe: good film study by aaron as you said, it's exactly what

he expected. again in the red zone. cuts it back a bit. and eddie lacy down inside the 15 yard line. lacy set a green bay rookie record last year with over 1100 rushing yards. down a bit this year, but

finished the season red hot over the final eight games. i have a feeling he's going to be a key factor for green bay in this one against the seattle second and five. jordy nelson against sherman. again a jump, a free play. rodgers is going to go to the

end zone, he's got a touchdown! a flag is down. the play continued. it looked like it was against and if it is, it's a touchdown. it is. >> referee: off sides, defense, number 72. this penalty is declined.

the result of the play is a touchdown. >> joe: it's again bennett and on the final play of the quarter, touchdown packers. >> troy: and randall cobb, he's working the back line, and the seattle secondary collides. looks like earl thomas.

they run into each other, kind of a natural pick, as randall cobb is trying to find a spot to get open and frees him up completely and aaron rodgers >> joe: you and i both walked out of our meeting with aaron rodgers thinking that despite what he said that he had

regressed from last week with a bad calf, that he just had the body language was a guy who was feeling better than he felt a week ago. he's moved like it got a hit, got a touchdown. packers finally in the end zone >> joe: randall cobb gates the

13-yard touchdown catch. as jay glazer reported before the game, randal spent three hours in the hospital last night, thinking he might have to have his appendix out. whatever they gave him, the pain subsided. and now he's got the first

touchdown of this championship aaron rodgers really got hit when he let that pass go. but with the hit came the knowledge that the packers -- here's the hit -- were finally in the end zone. and a lot of discussion, troy, on the seattle sideline as this

defense, which has been just dominant. they've won seven straight, allowed the opponents an average of eight points a game. not getting pressure on rodgers. >> troy: they're not getting pressure, he's thrown the ball effectively and we have eddie

lacy who already is halfway to a hundred yards rushing. >> joe: and now movement at the snap. >> referee: offense, number 77, five-yard penalty, remains first >> joe: and no team does this more than the seahawks, they led the league in false starts.

>> troy: that's surprising too. what's more surprising, over half of those false starts have occurred here at home. so when you come here and you play against the seattle seahawks in seattle, you expect to have problems with the noise operating as an offense.

instead we've seen seattle come off sides defensively, michael bennett a couple of times and now a false start offensively. >> joe: now first and 15, it's lynch. he runs into hyde. marshawn lynch didn't really get rolling last week against

carolina. had 59 yards on 14 carries and he's working with an injury up front as justin britt, the rookie right tackle is out with a knee injury. and alvin bailey makes his first start at right tackle this and hyde with a good squlob to

make the initial stop. >> troy: great job by micah hyde working through the block of jermaine kearse and more important making a tackle on marshawn lynch. >> joe: second and 11. lynch to the right, cuts back. brought down from behind.

a gain of four. nick perry was in on the tackle and, troy, this defense against the run was awful the first month of the season. they were better every month. they allowed less than 90 a game in december, and a big part of that was barrington playing more

and clay matthews moving more inside. >> troy: i think clay matthews has gotten a lot of credit for that improved run defense. i think those guys down in the trenches, guion and daniels, datone jones, they've all

elevated their play also. >> joe: third down and seven. here's one that is incomplete to doug baldwin. and so russell wilson, who was perfect on third down last week against carolina, has thrown a third down interception, two incompletions, including this

one, as baldwin couldn't corral it going to the ground. >> troy: that was almost one heck of a catch by doug baldwin, bringing that one in. and you're right, joe, they were so good on third down just a and they have nailed to convert in three attempts here today.

>> joe: not a first down yet. only one nine offensive plays. to green bay's 25. line drive, hyde had the chance to move. micah hyde with a good return and great field position to start for the packers. packers winning every phase of

this game so far. they'll start with great field position leading by 13 with the ball inside the 35. they're going to mark it at the 33. >> troy: tell you, joe, other than the opening kickoff, green bay packers, they've been

playing on the other side of the field throughout this game. >> joe: well, this crowd is going to try to make some noise and encourage this defense that is having trouble. with the average starting field position so far. >> troy: we'll see if seattle

first tries to bring pressure. they've been rushing four throughout this first half and have not been able to get to see if they try something else. >> joe: still just four men on the rush. rodgers drops it off and lacy can't make the catch.

the punt and the return, the punt by ryan, the return by hyde, it was only a net gain of ten yard for seattle when they punted it on fourth down. and now second and ten for had lacy come down with that little pass, he had some room to eddie lacy, who was third on the

team in receptions, he had over 40 catches throughout the regular season. and most of them were on that checkdown pass that he just dropped. >> joe: again a flag. here's rodgers down the sideline for adams, out of his reach, but

could be another free play. adams covered by sherman, and this could be the third off side as this time it's mcdaniel. >> referee: off side, defense, number 99, five-yard penalty and >> joe: well, they get tony mcdaniel this time. and i can assure you, aaron

rodgers knows when he's got a free play. and if he's got anybody going down the field he's going to take a shot. he's got davante adams, one-on-one on sherman, tries to get what he can, five-yard penalty.

here's lacy and a good play up front. that's bennett. and a loss of three. good play by michael bennett who is the best defensive lineman the seahawks have. you see they're trying to get the rookie corey linsley, that's

a tough block for him to try to make. he's got to try to reach michael bennett, with the quickness and power of bennett, it's just not going to happen. he made the play. it will be a 49-yard try from this spot.

crosby, the field-goal kicker of the packers, to pick up any yards. bulaga, the right tackle, guilty of a false start. >> referee: false start, offense, number 75, five-yard remains third down. >> joe: they worked that hard

count every day in practice. you see at the bottom, number 75, bulaga, he's the one who moved, they got him. this time the packers flinched. but aaron rodgers has been masterful this first half using the silent count and keeping the pass rush at bay.

>> troy: looking at more than a 50-yard try for crosby if they don't get any yards. >> joe: rodgers on the middle, pass is on the hands of randall cobb, and he was wide open. flag back at the line of scrimmage. hands.

hands to the face. defense number 56. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> joe: so the automatic first down for hands to the face against cliff avril. >> troy: that's the second time now they've gotten cliff avril

with the hands to the face of bryan bulaga. and this is a throw you just don't see aaron rodgers miss very often. as you see the penalty on cliff avril and it's a first down, but they're fortunate, the seahawks are, that there wasn't a lot

more yardage picked up on the play, because he had randall cobb wide open. >> joe: first down. go back to the throw that rodgers missed as he had randall >> troy: cobb running the square in, playing zone coverage, gets to the intermediate zone about

15 to 18 yards and just failed to connect. >> joe: seahawks have already been flagged six times in this they were the eighth most penalized team during the regular season in the nfl. >> troy: well, the question was, could this offensive line hold

up in pass protection for aaron rodgers, and it's a resounding yes right now. >> joe: here is cobb out of the back field, and randall cobb on the handoff, is knocked down a couple yards shy of a first down by earl thomas. third down and shortcoming, but

well within field-goal range for >> troy: randall cobb, he doesn't get the ball a lot when he's in the back field, but earl thomas in some pain over there on the sidelines. when he came up and tried making a tackle or made the tackle there on randall cobb.

>> joe: first down saving tackle. now third and three. churning. about a yard shy. o'brien schofield made the stop. he was signed to a deal by the new york giants, pretty good money, but then failed a

physical and came back on a one-year deal for just over 700 grand. he's been coming on of late. and now on fourth down, crosby with the swirling winds here in seattle will attempt his third field goal. he's hit on 13 straight in the

postseason, this from 40. and he is perfect. it's a 16-0 lead for green bay. crosby now 3 for 3 on the day. all-time leading scorer in packer history. and it's sponsored by chevrolet. find new roads.

by nationwide. nationwide is on your side. and by jupiter askending from warner brothers pictures, in theaters february 6. >> joe: packers turned it over on their first drive. since they've gone field goal, field goal, touchdown, field

goal, lead 16-0 here on the with under ten to go in the half, crosby kicking with a lot of confidence, drills it out of the back of the end zone. we saw early thomas come to the sideline, banged up on that tackle on randall cobb. and they've talked him at the

moment into going ins >> joe: look at those numbers. 143 total yards. seattle with 11 yards, no first downs. 9:30 to go in the opening half. and they got to get it cranking. they proved last week against carolina they can score points

in a hurry. russell wilson still looking for his first completion. rolling out, he's going to air it out. good coverage, and picked off! by ha ha clinton-dix. that's his second of the game. and clinton-dix on the return,

what a catch on the pick. a flag flies, but that was after the interception. and it's another turnover for the seahawks, their third. trying to get it to jermaine kearse. and the flag came well after the and how about the rookie

clinton-dix, he's got two. >> troy: played this bike willie mays. you're going to see him getting turned around a couple different times. and then he's able to find the he's right here playing center >> referee: personal foul, blind

side block. receiving team, number 52. 52. 15-yard penalty, first down. >> troy: pretty athletic by clinton-dix. he gets turned around, gets back deep enough and able to catch that, haul it in with his right

arm. >> joe: here's the foul against clay matthews, that's who they said right there, and that was the hit on russell wilson. which costs green bay 15 yards of field position, but they still get the take-away. >> troy: well, skealt frustrated

offensively, not being able to get anything going. they tried to first down to take a shot. just a great play by the rookie. >> joe: crowd is as quiet as it's been as rodgers slides through pressure, and throws no doubt aaron rodgers is moving

around better today than he did a week ago. here's the pick again, the one-armed catch by ha ha >> troy: and the penalty on clay matthews, leads with the shoulder to the head, and that's got the penalty. just making the block wouldn't

have drawn a flag. now with earl thomas out of the line-up, they have deshaun shed. >> joe: here's nelson and nelson down inside the 35. good throw by aaron rodgers right in stride, 23 yards to number 87. >> troy: you see the quick

slant. aaron rodgers gets it to him and that's where the packers really make their big plays. not so much down the field all the time. they're able to get the ball, yards after the catch. jordy nelson does an excellent

job. >> joe: this defense that can bully you, especially here at home, is getting bullied by the packers here in this back inside seattle territory and here's a pick. it's maxwell. and exactly what seattle needed.

byron maxwell made the catch before it hit the ground. >> troy: it's a miscommunication there with aaron rodgers and saw them miss each other earlier, thought he was going to break out, he doesn't, and it's interception seattle.@@@ãºãºpãºppxx >> joe: aaron rodgers threw only

five interceptions all season. all of them coming on the road. and this, a clean catch by byron maxwell. >> troy: yeah, it was. again, it was just a miscommunication between randall cobb and rodgers. rodgers thought one thing, he

lets it go. and byron maxwell was there to make the play. >> joe: here's lynch trying to get going. and marshawn lynch picks up four, maybe four and a half. and the two teams start to shove.

go back to the interception and tell us what you're seeing on this one. >> troy: here's randall cobb in the slot. you'll see, he comes off the ball and then just hooks it up. rodgers is expecting him to break to the outside.

when he doesn't, that's what allows maxwell to make a play and a nice play he does make, in making the catch. but here the packers, with good field position and an opportunity to potentially come away with more points, fail to do it.

>> joe: here's lynch, makes one man miss, now two more. and marshawn lynch is good for brought down by letroy guion. >> troy: pretty remarkable when you look at the first half. these two teams came into the league, two of the best at not turning the ball over and here

combined they've turned it over five times. >> joe: another third down for seattle, 0 for 3 on third down. looking for their first first down of the game. it's lynch. he's got it and more. and a little life here in

shields forced him out after a carry of 14. >> troy: well, the packers dropped morgan burnett, their safety down and they've got him to the right side of the ball. he's right in position to where he can potentially be the free guy.

but they block him up. he's unable to make a play. and finally seattle's able to move the chains. >> joe: 14-yard carry. the seahawks had only 19 yards all game before that. turbin now in the back field. he gets it, bobbles it, korerals

it and has a nice gain on first down as clinton-dix made the gain of five. for aaron rodgers, he's gone 17 straight home games without a pick, not since the 2012 season. he's thrown two here today, seven on the road. and the interception is leading

to this drive, which on the last play of it, almost putting it on the ground is turbin. first time in packer territory, locket and matthews can't bring him down. and lockette turned that into that play was about to get blown out.

>> troy: clay matthews almost makes one heck of a play. just unable to make the tackle. lockette got about as much as possible out of that play considering how it started. >> joe: thomas back out on the bench. with his offense on the field.

one-handed catch, marshawn lynch is going to fight and pick it up. it looked like on that last lunge. first guy there was barrington. and lynch picked up the first and he had to work to get it. >> troy: these are tough yards

to come by for marshawn lynch because green bay, think back to a week ago, they faced the running game of the dallas cowboys, but they also had to contend with a receiver like dez bryant. seattle doesn't have that type of guy.

dom capers has been able to put an extra guy down, whether that's ha ha clinton-dix or morgan burnett. so there's an extra guy in the lane trying to throw down this running game. >> joe: wilson just throws it away.

pressure in his face and that pressure was mike neil. second and ten with four and a half to go, opening half. >> troy: at the end of this play, mike neil able to get to russell wilson. the other part of it for dom capers, not only trying to slow

down marshawn lynch, but we all know what russell wilson is capable of doing when he gets outside the pocket with running the football. >> joe: russell wilson, 0 for 6 throwing. here's turbin. nowhere to go.

on second down and ten, turbin picks up three. barrington on the tackle. third down and seven coming up. barrington, another find for ted thompson, terrific general manager of the green bay packers, in the seventh round out of south florida.

he's come more into the line-up. a.j. hawk has slid out more. barrington's been a force. on third down, pass caught. first completion, it's lockette. and a first down at the 21. >> troy: well, the packers have two defensive down linemen. then they try to work clay

matthews in the middle. they pick it up nicely. you see the job that lockette does, being able to push sam shields, create some separation and finally russell wilson completes a pass, and it's a big one for a first down. >> joe: they gave forward

progress by lockette to the 20. shields steps out. tenth play of this drive after the interception by maxwell. packers showing blitz. they back out of it. wilson, to his left, hasn't carried it today. now he slides, gets a hit, and

there is no flag. clay matthews on the stop. it's second down, a gain of >> troy: he's trying to work doug baldwin against tramon williams and just not enough of a place for him to go with the football, so he takes off scrambling.

i think it's a good non-call. >> joe: as does mike pereira, who is nodding to your right in our boot. that looked worse than it was. just stops. first guy there was josh boyd. and one of those big bodies you talk about up front that's

played better in stopping the run for green bay. >> troy: really an outstanding job by josh boyd. right here in the middle, he absorbs the double-team and doesn't give up any ground. he hangs there, and then because of that, marshawn lynch has no

lane and the other guys rally. that's what you got to do, you got to gang tackle this guy, >> joe: two-minute warning in did you see this coming, >> joe: follow your favorite team all season long. go to look at these numbers.

four interceptions between these two quarterbacks today combined. two guys who just don't do that in january football. third down and eight. lynch at the top of the screen. wilson. toward the end zone, that's shields.

and it is intercepted! third interception thrown by russell wilson, trying to get it to jermaine kearse. and the opportunity for points goes down the drain for seattle. >> troy: well, sam shields plays this perfectly. he's in an outstanding position.

he too played wide receiver in college, just like richard sherman, and he's got ball skills, and he's able to pull this one in for the just an outstanding job of turning and playing the ball, and then securing the catch. >> joe: russell wilson has

started 1 for 8, 14 >> joe: it's been a four turnover first half for seattle. now shields gets in on the fun. ha ha clinton-dix with two picks. and this is as bad a start as russell wilson has ever had, unchartered waters for these

seahawks. winners of 10 of their last 11, seven straight. starting at the 20, rodgers will complete to randall cobb. but earl thomas back in the line-up, he's in on the stop, a gain of seven. back to the interception.

>> troy: if you're seattle, you like what you saw at the pre-snap. doug baldwin in the slot versus press coverage, gives you a lot of field to try to throw the football, but you got to throw it to the corner. wilson makes a poor throw.

but a nice play by shields. >> joe: here's a lot of contact and a flag is thrown. maxwell with jordy nelson and then jordy nelson gets into it with somebody on the sideline for seattle. and no doubt against maxwell. >> referee: pass interference,

defense number 41, automatic >> joe: that is the fifth defensive penalty against seattle in less than a half of play. and with 1:30 left and a time-out on the clock, a chance for more points for the packers, up 16.

>> troy: well, they've targeted maxwell a lot in this game, as they did week 1. a lot of jawing between these two teams. we saw it, jordy nelson line up opposite sherman early in the first btion to start this game, but since then, it's been

davante adams over there at the top of the screen. >> joe: now they're going to get a false start against green bay. offense, number 18, five-yard penalty, remains first down. >> joe: cobb in the slot. meanwhile, on the bench, russell wilson, his quarterback rating

the first half of this championship game is easy to remember. it's zero. >> troy: not a hard one to not one you like. we've talked about it for a long time, if it's necessary that russell wilson's capable of

throwing the football, he may get a chance to prove that in the second half. >> joe: four men on the rush. rodgers steps up, hits starks and that's wagner, the all-pro. the middle line backer, who's made such a difference after coming back, after missing five

with an injury, makes the stop, no gain. here's rodgers. tight end on second and 15, picks up five. k.j. wright on the tackle and a time-out is taken by seattle. so they have two left. and they want to try to get it

back to get on the board before the half. coming up, the visa half-time report, kurt, howie, michael and jimmy, good to have them along. there's jimmy. jim behind him, michael strahan, howie long. and they'll get cranking in 48

ticks off the game clock. there's terry. third down and ten. big chance here for the seattle thrown at richard sherman four times today. one completion for the touchdown and the one interception early. third and ten.

blitz, packers pick it up, rodgers throws, incomplete for cobb. and rodgers ends up on the ground face down. it's fourth down and seattle about to get it back. >> troy: this happens at the end of the play.

bruce irvin holds up and rodgers goes down. i think he was maybe trying to get a flag out of that play. here's the same look essentially that wilson had on the interception to sam shields, but played very well by seattle in not allowing cobb to create any

kind of separation on the throw. >> joe: masthay with the punt. rodgers ready for it. high hanging punt, fair catch by walters inside the 30. they'll mark him near the 26. some fans are showing their support for reign wilson's new show on fox.

backstrom. a brilliant detective who loves solving crimes, but hates people. don't miss the premiere of "backstrom" thursday after "american idol" right here on fox. >> troy: we'll see what seattle

wants to try to do here, joe, with 35 seconds before the end of the half. got a couple time-outs. hasn't gone well. are they going to be content just where they're at right now? they get the ball to start the second half, or see if they can

get something going and i think a lot of it depends on what happens here on first down. >> joe: first half turnovers for it's just something they haven't done under pete carroll. wilson in trouble. he is going to try and run and there's nowhere to go.

and dom capers has got to be thrilled with the way his defense has played here in the first half. >> troy: they're done an excellent job of corralling marshawn lynch, not letting him get going and they've been able to match up one-on-one on the

outside and they haven't had to give a lot of help. because they're so concerned about slowing down this running game and then russell wilson hasn't been table to beat them with his feet either. so just an excellent start to this game and then creating the

take-aways which they've been good at this year. >> joe: i thought what you said early was really good and still pertinent. you don't have dez bryant. you don't have a calvin johnson you have to worry about on the outside for seattle.

if you're green bay, you like your corners, match-up and sell out to stop the run of marshawn >> troy: that's why in the second half, russell wilson, with good looks. you can't ask for more than one-on-one with any receiver. he's getting them across the

board. he's going to have to beat them with his arm. >> joe: and now second and 11 will become second and 16 because of robert turbin. offense, number 22, five-yard penalty, remains second down. >> joe: you think about how the

seahawks started this year with percy harvin, made that big deal with minnesota leading into last year. he ended up playing only eight games. he was traded in october to the jets, and the leading receiver, receiving yardage wise for

seattle, doug baldwin, 42nd best in the nfl. so they don't have that game-breaker on the outside as much as doug baldwin would not like to hear that. three men on the rush here on second and 16. this one dropped off for turbin

and he's wrapped up in the back and a good play by casey hayward and this dominant first half continues for green bay. >> troy: the other thing they don't have, joe, is cooper helfet. they don't have a blocking tight end and that doesn't help them

in the running game either. guys are getting ready to go. the half-time score, the packers on the road in seattle, leading 16-0. visa half-time report >> joe: today's excitement is brought to you by nissan. ♪♪

>> joe: that was half of today's excitement brought to you by nissan. let's start the third quarter here in seattle. the numbers are shocking. not from the green bay side. you expect that with aaron rodgers, but on the right side

of it, seattle, eight pass we haven't seen russell wilson have a game like this since he's come to the nfl. and he and the offense has been overwhelmed by the packer >> troy: well, they don't have to change anything that they came into the game wanting to

do. still ate lot of football left, but they've got to be more effective throwing the football than they were. >> joe: we are going to check in on the sideline and say hello to our friend erin andrews. >> hello, joe.

i just said hello to pete carroll. he said in that first half, so many things went against us. defensively, the penalties. and offense, we couldn't get it going. you mentioned wilson, the last time he threw three

interceptions in a game, his rookie year. pete carroll says his confidence is fine. he's going to score for us. but the biggest thing for russell, he has to stay patient. the offense needs to stay patient.

he said it's going to take a few scores to get us going, we just have to hang with it. >> joe: you think about it, it's a 16-0 game. marshawn lynch to the right. swarmed. that's what you're talking about, it's a 16-point game,

there's a ton of time here. there's nothing that has to change scoreboard wise what you came in to do, if you're >> troy: they are not going to change who they are. they got to play the field position game, win on special teams and get more pressure on

aaron rodgers in the pocket, and they've not been able to do >> joe: here's lynch. gets dragged down. that was peppers who got his right arm on him. and we go down to the green bay sideline. here's chris myers.

>> joe, a beaming mike mccarthy coming out of the locker room. kind of a bizarre first half. he said no, i told you i felt good. i feel even better so far today. aaron rodgers' calf is not an issue and the defensive game plan against russell wilson has

worked to perfection. he expects more read option and they may spy him a little more in the second half. >> joe: thanks, chris. third down and three. he's brought down short of it. and it's three and out to start this second half.

they're calling for somebody to come in from the sideline as sweezy can't get up. so three and out. not exactly the start that the seahawks had in mind coming out of the locker room. but ryan is out there to punt. aaron rodgers and the offense

about to get it right back. and there's sweezy, number 64, getting bent over backward. matthews right in the middle of it for green bay. >> troy: they run it three straight times and they're unable to pick up the ten yards. mike daniels does an excellent

they try to pick it up with lynch on third down, and failed to do so. an excellent job to start the second half by this green bay >> joe: ryan hits it high, waiting for it from inside the 30. going to be knocked down at the

39. good starting field position for the team that's on the road and leading by 16 and trying to stamp their sponsored by southwest airlines. book your low fare now at by nissan.

innovation that excites. by samsung, from big to small, amazing things happen with samsung. the next big thing is here. and by miller lite, back in its original look, it's miller time. >> joe: crowd trying to do their thing as the packers start up 16

at their own 39. has to stretch it out. chased to the sideline and a good hit. and there is earl thomas. he's not big, troy. he is 5'10", 202, but he can hit. >> troy: he packs a load for no

bigger than he is. he got great range. talking to sean payton when the seahawks played the saints, he said watching him for three and a half hours, his heels never touched the ground. he's active back there and they're glad to have him back

after he left a while in the first half with a shoulder injury. >> joe: second and eight. lacy right up the gut. gain of a yard. so third and long coming up. the nfc championship game. so the budget gets expanded.

we have a noise meter in the budget, but haven't had a reason to use it yet. >> troy: they haven't given this crowd a lot to cheer about. the defense has created a couple talk-aways with interceptions, but it's time for them to start flexing their muscle.

>> joe: third and seven. extra men on the rocks. pass is bobbled, caught short of a first down. randall cobb is going to be brought down a yard and a half shy by jeremy lane. and the first possession for aaron rodgers is a three and

>> troy: i think rodgers is a little frustrated with himself. if he gives him a little better throw, cobb is able to catch that on the move. instead it was just low enough. cobb didn't feel comfortable trying to make the catch on the move.

he goes to the ground and is short of the first down. >> joe: masthay to pun bryan walters waiting. decent return, knocked down by >>> 2015 nfl pro bowl presented by mcdonald's. select teams this wednesday. pro bowl draft.

you can watch it live from arizona, home of super bowl xlix. here is wilson to tukuafu. former san francisco 49er good for eight, brought down by here, dr. aikman, is the day for >> troy: a tough first 30 minutes for russell wilson.

under pressure, made poor throws, paid the price. the hit by clay matthews, seahawks are fortunate he got up for that one, but that last interception by sam shields, very costly because it took points that probably would have been on the board with at least

a field goal. he's doing his thing out across the 40. how about the fact, troy, that russell wilson has carried the ball one time for two yards? he led nfl quarterbacks in rushing with 849. that was 16th best in the nfl

overall, but he hasn't used his legs one bit. >> troy: they've been able to keep him in the pocket, and they haven't kept the ball with him on the read option stuff. about a couple years ago against the 49ers when colin kaepernick went for 180 yards against this

certainly spent a lot of time playing it. but the seahawks so far have not tried to test them with the read option with wilson. >> joe: four-man rush. pass is caught. seahawks trying to get it going. baldwin, obviously social media

is wondering if wilson was dinged on that hit by clay matthews. the answer is no. erin andrews has more. >> i followed him over to the sidelines after that hit. i watched seattle's team physicians talk to him.

they talked to him for all of two seconds. when a player is going through concussion protocol, it's longer, or sometimes they take him back to the locker room. he looks charged up. inside the 40. and these fans are dying to see

beast mode. he says, feed me. >> troy: you can battle this guy up for a while, but he just gets stronger and stronger. and will tukuafu has had a nice just a couple plays ago, he kicks ought on peppers and stops him from making a play on lynch.

excellent job. >> troy: maybe it's the golden-soled shoes for lynch. he was saying feed me or take me because he's out. here's turbin in the i-formation. first and 15. offense, number 78.

>> joe: again, that's alvin bailey who made three starts at left guard this year, two at left tackle. getting the start at right one of the guys they could count on all year was justin britt, the rookie second-round pick out of missouri, who made all 17

starts, but he's inactive today with a bad knee. >> troy: they were confident with alvin bailey stepping in at right tackle, but these pre-snap penalties when you got something going, are just killers. >> joe: their third false start here at home.

here's wilson and now matthews. clay matthews with a sack! and a flag comes in at the end of it. j.r. sweezy came in at the end. matthews with a sack all the way back to the 40. they threw the flag and we'll see if it's against sweezy.

>> troy: well, the move he makes on russell okung, in order to get up the field and get the direct shot on russell wilson, is really impressive. >> referee: offense, number 64, the result of the play, it's second down. >> joe: so it's basically a free

shot by sweezy. they decline the penalty. the result of the play is a sack all the way back to the 40, and a loss of 16 yards. this guy may not have been voted defensive captain, but there's nobody more important defensively for green bay than

play matthews. >> troy: think about it, the false start makes it first and 15, and then you get into a passing down and you take the sack then by clay matthews. he got some yards, back into green bay territory. just shy of the 48.

but the seahawks have to get beyond the 29 of green bay for a first down as burnett made the stop. now out to the sideline, they're down to one tight end. luke wiswilson is banged up. three-man rush, wilson needs a big one.

flag is down. and wilson's got a man. baldwin with a catch inside the 20. but a flag is down. and the packers indicate it's against seattle. but no early sign from the officiating crew.

hands to the face, defense number 52. result of the play is a first >> joe: so it's against green bay and it's 29 yards on third and 19. datone jones in the middle is a spy on russell wilson. so packers only have a two-man

rush. jones is trying to keep wilson in the pocket. gives him a ton of times to try to find doug baldwin for this they walk clay matthews out, more of a prevent style defense but with time to find the receiver, he does.

>> joe: that doesn't get any points, but that might be the biggest completion of this game 29 yards on third and 19. well played. perry. closing down on it, made the stop, a gain of two. >> troy: you think about what

seattle overcame, yeah, in order to keep this drive going, and put themselves right now in a position to come away with some points. >> joe: and you don't think about this, this early in the game, but it's still just a two-score game.

there's jared bevel, who was on the green bay staff with favre, the offensive coordinator here. terry comes in and makes the and the fullback with the loss of two. third down coming up. >> troy: tuk wafu, he's good with a straight shot on

somebody. but when he's got to move within that pass, becomes a little bit more challenging. he's a 280-pound guy and nick perry is able to navigate him and make a nice play. >> joe: third down, the numbers last week, perfect.

three touchdown passes on third today, 2%. with two interceptions. blitz. wilson throwing for lynch. broken up downfield by barrington. and a good defensive play by the second-year pro sam barrington.

>> troy: sam barrington had to navigate a little bit of traffic and they get the one-on-one with that was a pretty good throw by russell wilson and it was. i couldn't tell if barrington got a hand on the ball or not, but one that sure looked like lynch might have been able to

>> joe: and barrington fought taken out a 38-yard try for the first points of the day from hauschka. and they are going to fake it. ryan going to float it for the touchdown! seattle back in it. garry gilliam, a rookie, for the

>> troy: gilliam's right here. he's eligible. they put a.j. hawk in a bind. he's got to make a decision, whether to come up and make a play on the run. once he does, it opens up gilliam for the touchdown. >> joe: that had to feel like an

eternity for that ball to come the lob throw from ryan. you had that one, didn't you, vegas? first touchdown throw for seattle doesn't come from it comes from verizon xlte on america's most reliable 4g network.

>> joe: a special teams play gets seattle on the board. it's a 16-7 game. there he is, biggest moment of his life, garry gilliam, first career catch. the rookie free agent out of penn state, he's all smiles. what a moment.

>> troy: he was showing everybody how easy it was on the sidelines. >> joe: jon ryan is 3 for 3 throwing it for 77 yards and a and the packers' lead is now nine. the drive will start at the 20. jon ryan.

he's got the touchdown pass. it's gettingjordy nelson's got . let's go back to the fake. you're going to see as jon ryan comes out and a.j. hawk has to make a decision, is he going to come up and try to make a play on him. he comes up.

garry gilliam is available to make the catch. the hardest part is making the catch, but he did it. seattle, at one point, second down and 30, and then third and 19 they convert, fourth and ten, fake field goal. so they made the plays they had

to make, and what a call by pete if they don't convert that, they really take all the life out of this football team. there's plenty of life now. here's cobb. wrapped up and thrown to the ground by lane. a gain of two.

jeremy with a good tackle. can't get the screen for lacy. and rodgers is hurt. looks like that calf might have grabbed on him as he was turning he didn't get hit, joe. you're going to see, as he drops back, he's going to make a throw and.

>> joe: and that ankle. >> troy: thought it was the left calf. but the right ankle, he kind of rolls it. rodgers is brought down from behind. a loss of seven. avril and irvin were in there

and it's fourth down. >> troy: excellent job by cliff avril. they un run a twist up front. as he comes up the middle, you're not going to run away from him and aaron rodgers has no opportunity. fortunately hangs on to the ball

as he switches hands and tux it with his left arm. good coverage by the secondary and a good stop by the defense. >> joe: line drive, caught, walters, a chance to run. looking for a couple of blocks and it's well covered down feel. jarrett bush stopped the run

>> joe: 51-degree day, now raining. 16 miles per hour wind working its way into the face of the seahawks as they take over down bywilson back in there. burnett makes the stop. wilson had to corral some not so great snaps in the shotgun.

this one, we'll take a look and it's out wide to his right. seen that a lot from max unger. >> troy: we have. wilson is trying to make the catch and then turn and hand off to his left. do it all quickly so the back doesn't get past him.

hard to do and fortunately it came right back to him. >> joe: former pro bowler is unger, better snap here. and the pass is low but caught. minimal gain on second down as baldwin makes the catch. gain of three. watch every nfl playoff game and

super bowl xlix live on your smart phone with nfl mobile. here's another third down and a chance for the green bay defense to make a stop. >> troy: you talk about the rain coming down. it's been moisture throughout this game off and on.

and russell wilson sometimes throws it well when it's wet and at times he doesn't. that was one of those throws that just got away from him. wilson protected and good work by the green bay defense as they force a three and out. micah hyde was there in

coverage. >> troy: really do an excellent job in coverage. seattle thinking they were going to be able to get something down the field, but the packers pick it up and russell wilson forced to come underneath. there was just nothing there

even if luke willson catches the >> joe: so ryan coming off that thrill of a touchdown pass. and hyde with a fair catch. so with the green bay offense back to work, we'll welcome you inside our broadcast wooth. ip joe. that's troy.

that was good work by the green bay defense because the momentum had completely turned after the fake field goal and then the work by the seattle defense. >> troy: well, it was important for them and really going back to the previous possession, when they had seattle on the ropes.

you know, they get the false start. they get the sack by clay matthews, and yet seattle's able to convert. the crowd got back into this ball game and then their next defensive possession, a really nice job of getting off the

field and giving the ball back to this offense. >> joe: here's lacy, left side. chancellor throws him to the he was down. ball came out. he was clearly down. and on first down, a carry of five yards.

russell wilson doing his best to keep guys pumped up. he's gone 82 consecutive games where his team at least at some point has had the lead. back to nc state. all of his games with wisconsin, all of his games with seattle. different story today.

second and five, lacy. breaks one tackle and picks up a and with that carry, the third quarter will come to an end. avril on the tackle, but eddie lacy broke one and then spun his way to a first down. second-year pro is a good one. edd

>> joe: this half, the packers with two founs, 38 yards. start the fourth quarter with a first down and a lead of nine. nelson and sherman at the bottom. lot of room, and james starks is across the 35, across the 40. sherman gets to him and a big

carry by james starks. quiets the crowd. he carried it for 32. and richard sherman, who was in on the stop is injured on the sideline, as he'll head back in. >> troy: watch the left tackle, bakhtiari and then josh sitton, the left guard and the job that

is done creating the lane. and then james starks makes somebody miss. right now, all seahawks fans want to know what the status is of richard sherman, as he comes in clutching his hand. but a couple big runs. nice run by eddie lacy, making

michael bennett miss, to make it first down and a heck of a run by eddie lacy. >> joe: 32, the longest run by starks. >> referee: false start, right >> joe: 32-yarder, troy, the longest play by either team in this game and it belongs to

starks who stepped front and center and became a star in that 2010 pro season when the packers won super bowl xlv. >> troy: and we talked about last week, when he came out of the game because of asthma, and mike mccarthy, very fortunate, he's got a guy like james starks

who could come in, but richard sherman right now, he's on the that left arm rkz he's clutching, grabbing his hand and he's in a lot of pain right now. >> joe: matched up on adams. now lacy, left side. and lacy is brought to the ground with a gain of five.

bobby wagner on the tackle. this is a bit earlier with that little twist to the right ankle, rolling it. appears to be okay. have to go with a tear in his left calf. now lacy. struggling on the sidelines,

second and ten. here's starks again. avril on the tackle. to the 41, gain of three. >> troy: you look at richard this time they line up jordy nelson opposite him. he's not using his left arm, joe.

very careful with it. i don't know if the packers are aware of it. i don't even know if jordy nelson is aware of it. you still got to be careful with a guy like him. but you've got an injured guy, good as he is, you take a shot

at him. blitz, quick throw, pass is caught. that's rodgers. and we'll see where they mark him. brought down right at the first down marker. they're going to put it at the

and it's a first down. a big one to the rookie richard >> troy: well, really bilge. he's made a couple nice catches now in this game. i know aaron rodgers says he may have the best hands on the team. rodgers sticks it right on him, but a big first down on third

and long. >> joe: and a good spot according to that unofficial yellow line. >> joe: here's starks. got around one tackle. takes it to the 30. inches inside. a gain of three, lane on the

>> troy: the packers, you know, they come out here in the second half, and weren't really getting a lot going, but on this drive, of course you got to convert on third down, which they do to richard rodgers, but heavy dose of running right now on this possession.

and they've done a nice job with >> joe: lacy was bothered with a bad knee during the week, had the asthma last week. on the sideline. they got starks who fills in well, as you said. now they go with randall cobb to start in the back field.

rodgers looked left, now out to his right. here's starks, down the sideline, incomplete. and covered by k.j. wright. we didn't see aaron rodgers do a lot of that last week. rolling, trying to hit somebody on the run.

he's feeling a lot better. ism that's the best i've seen him move in three weeks. >> joe: troy, first throw out of the pocket all day. >> troy: that's that scramble drill. they had an opportunity, even james starks knows that when

rogers gets outside the pocket, try to go deep, give him a place to create a big play. just unable to haul it in. rodgers in trouble, throws it under heavy pressure from bruce irvin. it's fourth down and mason crosby will come on to attempt a

48-yard field goal and try for his 15th straight in the postseason. 3 for 3 today. 18, then 19, then 40. this guy who struggled in 2012, has rebounded in a big way. he is good again. mason crosby with three more big

points put up on the scoreboard. he is 4 for 4. got it inside the left upright play free now. >>> three points put up on the field goal by crosby, who's now made 15 straight during the ten-play drive, 55 rushing yards on the drive, and they are

looking at richard sherman on the sideline and that left arm. baldwin will carry it out. well covered. and it's been a good special teams day really for both sides in this game. first guy there was elliott. so they check on

>> joe: aerial coverage provided by nationwide, as the seahawks take over, down by 12. off the hands of luke willson, the tight end. russell wilson has not been sharp, but he's going to need more help on the other end, as that one was off the hand of the

seattle tight end luke willson. >> troy: just a little bit out in front of him. touch catch for him to make. tried to put that on him. right now, they're not only working against the green bay packers, they're working against the clock.

they got to get out of the comfortable zone and make some plays in the passing game. they've just had a hard time doing it. russell wilson, with just six completions on the day. >> joe: here's one to willson, the tight end hangs on here, but

knocked out by barrington. nfl honors, find out who will take home this year's most prestigious awards, hosted by seth meyers, the night before the super bowl. plus the man of the year, presented by nationwide, will be revealed as three finalists all

vie for the game's most distinguished award. aaron rodgers, very active midwest athlete against childhood cancer. and russell wilson visits the local children's hospital every tuesday. both of these guys do an

outstanding job in their communities as so many other players do around the league. third down and seven. wilson needs one here. good catch and a big first down by lockette. that was all lockette. >> troy: yeah, that was.

because that one was out in front of him too. not an easy catch to make. not only is he able to make the catch, but he's able to keep his feet and run with it after he does. it's an excellent job. i talked about it earlier, you

don't know how much the weather is affecting some of these throws. they've been over there talking to richard sherman throughout this time since he came off the field on the last defensive i don't know what his status is as far as the injury, but he's

in a lot of pain. got a first down. out to the 39 yard line. a 13-yard carry by marshawn brought down by barrington. >> troy: that's something that nobody looks forward to doing. usually when you're on defense, you're the one initiating the

contact. so many times marshawn lynch is the one. >> joe: here's wilson, one of the few times we've seen him take off. matthews brings him down. the only touchdown pass in this game for seattle came from the

punter jon ryan, first punter to ever throw a touchdown pass in a postseason game. and here's that last carry of four yards by russell wilson. >> troy: this time, clay matthews, he's got his eyes on his eyes are on wilson. if he takes off running, he's

going to be there to make a play in the spy position. we've seen him do it with a few different players here >> joe: this one is floated for baldwin and he drops it. tried to run before he secured the catch. he had perry out there and a

chance for a nice gain. pretty good throw by wilson, third and six. >> troy: excellent design because they start with baldwin like he's going to run reverse. and tramon williams in coverage, he goes across the field with then all of a sudden nick perry

has to try to pick him up. so it would have been an excellent play for seattle if he's able to get the ball and really nobody out there in front of him, would have been a pretty good gain. >> joe: third down and six. here's lynch on the handoff.

and marshawn lynch is going to 11 yards and he's over 100 for the day, and this is all determination by number 24. >> troy: joe, when they first stood him up, it was third and he was about one yard short of the first down and then he winds up picking it up by about six

>> joe: they're faking. wilson's protected. not anymore. and wilson is brought down. taking forever back there to let and morgan burnett is there for the sack, a loss of four. >> troy: good coverage, as far as where he initially was

wanting to go with the football. he's got the square in on the back side. as you're going to see right here, as it comes into your but he doesn't look back side. but you can't take a sack there. you got to get the ball out of your hands.

just a big mistake by russell >> joe: second and 14. blitz off the edge. wilson throws over the middle, nearly picked. that could have been number three on the day for ha ha that would have ended the day, because he was wide open on his

way into the end zone. >> troy: they go man-to-man coverage and then they essentially have one free defender. and the free defender was so he drops down, he's reading the quarterback. reads it beautifully.

he's got a chance to make an easy interception, which would have been his third on the day. so now from midfield, another big third down. it's third and 14 with the rain falling again. wilson gets hit, pass is broken it's fourth down.

casey hayward defending for and the punt team comes on for >> troy: you're going to see the pressure off the edge by clay matthews and mike neil excellent coverage by the secondary of the green bay packers. >> joe: hayward downfield. russell wilson was begging to

stay on the field, but on fourth down, the punt from ryan. fair catch called for by micah hyde, inside the 15. packers will have it, underãºxã·ã‘c ram trucks. >> joe: seattle's own jimi hendrix. and this crowd, known for the

12th man, they're going to have to crank it up here for seattle. on the field defensively, sherman, holding that left arm. green bay up by 12. starting at the 13. >> joe: word from the sideline, eddie lacy is fine health wise, but they start this drive with

over the right side, starks is going to pick up a yard. we'll go down to the field and erin andrews. >> when i watched richard sherman on the sideline, he was surrounded by team physicians and athletic staff, they were feeling his hands, his wrist in

the bicep area. he wasn't given any further medical attention and snow discussion about him coming off the field whatsoever. he sat there by himself grimacing in pain, grabbed, his helmet and went back on the >> joe: second and nine.

his starks again up the gut. k.j. wright on the tackle. again, this defense for seattle, the role that they came in on, overall the team had won seven straight and the opponents were averaging eight points per game. but green bay's been better than

the seattle defense so far today. >> troy: big third down here for they've got to make a stop if they're going to have any chance of coming back in this game. third and five. >> joe: pass is broken up. with k.j. wright in coverage.

first time we've said quearls' name all day. and rogers walks away shaking his head. >> troy: that was huge, with just over five minutes to play able to force a three and out, not only make the stop, but then with the incompletion, the clock

stops. they'll give the ball back to seattle and they're going to have to create some big plays and come away with a touchdown quickly to still have time to have a chance to win. >> joe: masthay has had an up-and-down year, need a good

punt out of number eight with line drive, walters on the move. well covered downfield. davon house there to make the so >> joe: dom capers has been around the block a few times. defensive coordinator for mike mccarthy.

his group has played great. talks about getting pressure, creating turnovers. worries about the opposition's quarterback rating. got to like what he's seen so far. wilson, pass is picked off! that's burnett and he will slide

off the hands of jermaine and a deflection for the interception and another turnover for the seattle offense and a take-away for this green bay defense. >> troy: well, jermaine kearse, who has made so many big plays, has an opportunity to make a

pretty routine play here. a perfectly thrown ball by he's unable to make it. the ball is deflected, morgan burnett is right there to make a play off the deflection. that's been the point really and the story in this game, has been seattle's inability to move the

the take-aways of this green bay packer defense has created and another big one right there. >> joe: career high four interceptions thrown by russell wilson, and to finish with capers, pressure, he's had it. turnovers, they've forced them. opposition's quarterback rating.

russell wilson came in with the highest quarterback rating in postseason history at 109.6. his quarterback rating right now is under ten. suffocating defense for dom capers' group. and lacy wrapped up in the back first guy there was bennett.

a loss of four and a time-out taken by seattle. jermaine kearse has been the target on all four interceptions that russell wilson has thrown >> troy: well, we know russell wilson has not played well, made poor decisions, had some poor passes.

that was not one of them. >> joe: tonight on cbs, it's the afc championship game. then next sunday, the pro bowl on espn and on sunday february 1st, super bowl xlix on nbc. later on, it will be andrew luck, trying to get to his first super bowl, and tom brady,

trying to get to his sixth. here's the interception. good throw. the deflection, the pick. and the rough day for russell wilson continues. and kearse didn't help him there. second and 14.

still time left in this game. it's lacy bottled up. bennett is in there. and we'll see, and they do, the seahawks take their second time-out. and this game is far from over. the most talked about fighter in the ufc is fighting tonight on

fox sports 1. >> i don't just knock them out. i am the notorious conor mcgregor. and after the afc championship, turn to fox sports 1 to watch me destroy the little angry german dennis saver. >> joe: and there's a match-up

tonight on fox sports 1. at 10:00 eastern, after the patriots and the colts. >> troy: joe, i'd be surprised here if mccarthy calls for a pass and risks the pass being incompleted and stopping the clock. third and 16, not likely.

they'll pick up the first down. maybe try a screen pass, something underneath. if they don't hand it off, i expect them to, but if they don't, i would expect aaron rodgers to go with a high percentage completion. >> joe: they do hand it off.

and it's lacy. broke one tackle. it will be fourth down. how about the day for morgan burnett? dom capers will tell you, he's had by far his best year. the fifth year pro out of georgia tech, eight tackles, two

sacks, an interception and a fumble return. that's pretty good. >> troy: well, joe, we came into this game talking about the improved defensive play of the green bay packers, especially in run defense and how well they played in the second half of the

and that has been the story. this is a green bay packers offense that has been held to under 200 yards of total offense. they've turned the ball over twice, but the packers' defense has matched whatever seattle's defense has thrown out there.

and they've been the difference >> joe: seahawks hang on to their time-out. the punt by masthay heads right out of bounds. we'll see where they mark it. we'll keep it right here. under four minutes to play. still within reach for seattle.

as they mark this one at the 31. the turnovers, killer. five of them. and the rookie ha ha clinton-dix has two picks. brad jones forced one on a kick return by baldwin. there's number two for here's shields in the end zone

before the half. and the last time the seahawks had it, the deflection off the hands of kearse into the waiting arms of morgan burnett who wisely went to the ground. out near the 45. casey hayward on the stop. a lot of times teams will run

the ball or run a high percentage pass to kind of kick things off, going to the no-huddle. i bet the packers are happy with that one. wilson slings it, pass caught, baldwin makes a move. baldwin trying to get to the

sideline, cannot. wrapped up at the 35 for the first down for seattle. 20-yard pickup. >> troy: baldwin pushes up the field, comes back to the quarterback and russell puts it can't let him get yardage after >> joe: here's one toward the

end zone, down the sideline, and a lot of tugging as kearse was the intended target, with williams in coverage. clock stops with 3:02 to go. >> troy: i'm like you, joe, it looked to me like there was quite a bit of tugging and pulling going on by jermaine

kearse on that route. >> joe: seahawks came in having won eight straight home playoff the defending super bowl champions, trying to go back to become the first team to win back to back since the patriots in 2003 and 2004. they have a long way to go.

this one floated, that's lynch. lynch is going to go for the and we'll check the feet and make sure he stayed in as the officials did, looking at each other. in, in, ah, that's close. >> troy: i think, right there, joe, you see the right foot

looks like it hits the line. >> referee: the previous play will go under review. the ruling on the field was >> troy: you'll see sam barrington here, he comes underneath. soon as he does, it opens up the throwing lane and the separation

for marshawn lynch to make the >> joe: may not be a touchdown, but the seahawks have live. it's a touchdown s >> joe: both teams expect the touchdown to be overturned. it's a scoring review. offense and defense both out the question then is, where's

the ball going to be placed? clearly out there, if that first step isn't out. we'll get the call from tony corrente. his group has done a good job in this game after some controversial calls during the playoffs.

>> referee: after reviewing the play, the runner stepped out of bounds with the ball at the 9 yard line. would the game clock operator please reset the game clock to 2:57, and the clock will start with the snap of the ball. >> joe: an impressive touch

throw from russell wilson and the catch and run by lynch to take it to the 9, to bring up first and goal. lynch will carry it. peppers, first guy to get his hands on him, to the 5. and the seahawks have to hurry it up.

to make the case of the touchdown, if you kick it deep, you got to time out the two-minute warning. with the overturn, different situation. wilson, going to try to do it. russell wilson cannot get in. ha ha clinton-dix made the stop

at the 1. under two and a half to go. >> troy: with each run, valuable time taken off the clock. sam barrington comes in and sticks russell wilson, keeps him from scoring the touchdown. >> joe: from the 1, it's third and goal.

here's wilson, keeping it for the touchdown. with 2:09 to go, and they get the touchdown outside of the they fake the handoff there to they're blocking on the outside. an easy score for russell and now they're going to hope that they can get the ball back.

>> joe: he had six rushing touchdowns during the regular 2:09 left. that makes it a five-point game. is it too little too late? and what's the approach with the special teams coach brian schneider and the head coach pete carroll with 2:09 left?

you got the two-minute warning coming and a time-out remaining. see what carroll wants to do in the way of an on sidekick or kick it deep. >> troy: i think they'll go with the on side kick, knowing their defense has got to make a stop and they got to make a stop

quickly. >> joe: special teams has already made an impression in this game, jon ryan, the touchdown pass and the first punter to ever throw a touchdown pass in postseason history, and the first canadian to throw a touchdown pass in a postseason

game in 22 years, since mark ripen did it. that will make jay and dan happy on "fox sports live." >> troy: you see the big plays on that drive, taking less than two minutes off the clock. they start that drive with a handoff to marshawn lynch.

they get the match-up that they had earlier in the game, and they couldn't connect. but they get it to marshawn lynch on the big play, which set up the score. >> joe: hauschka and the seahawks, 1 for 4 in his career on on-side kicks.

none bigger than this. good kick up into the air. it is loose and recovered by seattle! chris matthews. brandon bostic had a chance at and he is lit up by shawn slocum back on the sideline. bostick couldn't.

matthews could. >> troy: bostick gets a nice bounce, tries to get it at the high point. unable to make the play as a tight end. because the onside kick hits the ground, you can't ask for the fair catch.

you got to field it. he's unable to make a play on an outstanding job by the seahawks being able to recover it after bostick unable to make >> joe: big day for the seahawks' special teams. and coach brian schneider who coached special teams with pete

russell wilson keeping it. russell wilson, out of bounds near the 35. and bostick has to hope on the sideline, as he lives with a missed chance on that onside kick. >> troy: and by russell wilson being able to get out of bounds,

you see 2:01 on the clock. still get the stoppage at the as we see the missed opportunity by bostick, and russell wilson scored the touchdown on the keeper and a nice play there with the keeper too. >> joe: here's lynch now. burnett drags him down.

we are at the two-minute warning. 1:56 to go. who's going to the super bowl? life for the seahawks. >> joe: conference championship game, the largest half-time deficit overcome, 15 points by the colts and peyton manning in

2006 over new england. this was a 16-0 game at the half. comeback history, 14 game winning drives and 27 chances. third-year pro. wilson fires, pass caught, luke willson and willson's got a first down, inside the 25.

green bay with all three of their time-outs. they have to start thinking about it. lynch! marshawn lynch! beast mode, touchdown! well, max unger and james carpenter, you watch them

double-team the tackle and then work up to clay matthews. that creates the lane, and the blocking down the field by lockette, with one time-out, plenty of time, the seahawks did not have to divert from what they wanted to do offensively. hand the ball to lynch.

just an excellent job of. finishing off that drive. >> joe: now trying to finish this off with a two-point conversion, to make it a three-point game. first lead of the game with 1:25 left. wilson out to his right.

in big trouble. up for grabs, and caught! by luke willson! >> troy: joe, i have no idea how clinton-dix does not make a play on this ball. he's right there in position, the ball was in the air for what seemed like eight seconds.

and he's there to be able to knock it down, and yet he makes no play on the ball whatsoever. and luke willson comes down with he's made some big plays here down the stretch. last week in the playoff win against carolina, here once again today, and john schneider,

the general manager and architect of putting together this team, it is amazing what we have watched here in just the last couple of minutes. >> joe: what we've watched is 15 points put up by seattle in 44 seconds. bostick couldn't come down with

the onside kick try. here it is. barely got his hands on it. and there to recover for seattle, chris matthews. and this booth is shaking, the stadium is shaking in the loudest venue in the nfl. but 1:25, three time-outs left

for aaron rodgers to try and do something about this score. the return by hyde. out to the 22. remember the second and third drives by green bay, they both ended at the 1 yard line when they had to settle for field goals instead of punching it in.

the difference in the game and now we look at the comeback history for aaron rodgers. he's done it 12 times. >> troy: well, how big is that two-point conversion by seattle. as you said, joe, 1:19 seconds to play. three time-outs, lots of time

for aaron rodgers. and richard sherman still playing with one arm. >> joe: rodgers, pass caught, that's jordy nelson. and that will quiet this crowd and get the ball out across the 35 yard line. they've got all three time-outs.

mason crosby, as we showed you, career long 58, that would mean getting it to the 40. but it's a gusty day. that's cobb. and cobb is taking it inside seattle territory. >> troy: i like what green bay's doing.

a lot of teams would call time-out immediately because they have got three to burn. they've got seattle on the ropes and aaron rodgers is applying the pressure. >> joe: rodgers out to his plenty of room in front of him. and he gimps his way inside the

40. limping all the way to the and they are right now right on the edge of field-goal range as it is already for mason crosby. >> troy: really a good job. rodgers does the best he can to get down the field, pick up as much yardage, get out of bounds.

35 seconds now, anything completed in play, he's going to start using time-outs. but with three time-outs to burn, he can work the entire just trying to dump it to eddie lacy, and he wasn't looking for >> troy: that's another example right there, aaron rodgers

knowing that he can't take off and run. he's trying to get the ball to eddie lacy. lacy thought he was going to keep it and run himself. if he was healthy, boy, there was a lot of open field that he would normally take.

>> joe: 54-yard try from here. rodgers, sideline, not on the same page with rodgers the tight end. now it's third down and ten. and i know you want the touchdown and the win here, but you got to start thinking about getting a chunk of yardage to

make it easier on crosby on a windy, rainy day in seattle. there's no gimme here coming up from this spot. >> troy: yeah, no, i'm thinking that he's going to try to pick up the first down somewhere 10 to 15 yards, not take a shot deep, but if it's not there for

the first down, try to pick up as much as he can to help on the field-goal attempt. >> joe: blitz, pressure, rodgers steps up, throws, he's got nelson and nelson gets a little bit of yardage to the 31. and now it's all going to come down to mason crosby.

rodgers slow to get up. richard sherman wincing in pain as he will come to the sideline or go to the huddle. it will be fourth down and this group of goode, masthay, and crosby, who has hit 15 straight postseason field goals will come on to try to tie it.

it will be a 48-yard attempt. he's already hit from 48 in this game, but it was on the other end of the field. swirling wind. 19 seconds left. seattle with a time-out. >> troy: we'll see if pete carroll wants to try to ice them

with the one time-out left. >> joe: good snap, good hold, crosby is good! and this game is tied. troy, we did a lot of packer games in 2012. and mason crosby had the most difficult year of his career. it voided a longer term

contract. he came back, had a good year last year. he's had a great year this year. and credit mike mccarthy with sticking with this now eight-year pro out of colorado. i mean, mason crosby has been nothing but sure-footed, and

this ball was nearly tipped, as kevin williams got that big left-hand up. but how about crosby and how he has bounced back personally in his career. >> troy: there, that was a lot of pressure on him to make that kick and he delivered.

little surprised that green bay called the time-out when they did and didn't let the clock run 14 seconds on the clock. they could have had it to where that would have been the last play of regulation. but because of that heave by wilson on the two-point drive

that took forever to come down into the arms of luke willson, this game is a tie game, instead of basically being over. >> troy: well, i'm still not sure how clinton-dix wasn't able to make a play on that ball. >> joe: 14 seconds remain. squib kick.

and this isn't going anywhere. as jean pierre will take a knee. and this looks like overtime with 11 seconds left and only one time-out for russell wils here in this nfc championship >> troy: are you kidding me? i mean, how the game has gotten to where we're at right now,

with 11 seconds left, as improbable as they come. >> joe: these two teams, by the way, have played a playoff overtime game. it happened at lambeau. it was back in the 2003 season. they also met in 2007. remember this moment at lambeau

field? >> head's is called. >> seattle has won the toss. >> we won the ball and we're going to score. >> joe: the team that scored was green bay because of an interception returned for a touchdown by al harris.

brett favre beat -- >> referee: there's no penalty for illegal substitution for 12 players on the defense. as there were 11 players. this is the end of regulation. >> joe: so they recounted. only 11 out there. we are through regulation

officially. brett favre beat seattle at lambeau. mike pereira is with us. thankfully we haven't had any crazy rulings yet as we had in dallas last week. but let's talk about the overtime rules in the

>> yeah, i've been kind of quiet today, but obviously it's a change here in the postseason because you have to have a winner. the overtime procedure in the regular season means you play one extra quarter. you treat it like a fourth

now you start another game. each team gets three time-outs. you still have the situation where if the team that first possesses the ball kicks a field goal only, then the other team gets the opportunity to possess, but if they score a touchdown or there is a safety, the game is

but essentially you're going to start a new game now, and it will be in the hands of the replay official the whole time no challenges. >> joe: the only guy that goes out there for seattle is tarvaris jackson. he must be their good-luck

charm. looking at burnett and rodgers and cobb and nelson. now jon ryan and steven >> referee: review the basic rules. both teams will be provided opportunity to possess the ball a minimum of one time.

after that first possession, the first team to score will win the game, unless the first possession results in a if we go through an entire period, we will continue to play football as if a regular season and start the second quarter. both teams will be allotted

three time-outs instead of the normal two, and all replay reviews will come from the replay booth. green bay is the visitor. your call? green bay calls tails. it is heads. seattle wins the toss.

>> joe: seattle wins the toss and they will receive. are they going back to defend their title? are the packers going to the super bowl? it's overtime in seattle. crazy >> joe: seahawks will start this

overtime with the football. this is just an honor to be a part of this game, to watch this battle between these two teams. russell wilson, who's about to get the ball and go to work, threw his fourth interception at 5:04. green bay had the ball and a

12-point lead. the wilson touchdown run, the lynch touchdown run. crosby tied it with 14 seconds left on a 48-yarder. here's baldwin. hit around the 10. well played downfield by the special teams of green bay.

chris banjo, the first guy downfield, as you look at these numbers in championship overtime games in the nfc. giants beating the 49ers. the saints and vikings. the giants and the packers. we were there on that gold night at lambeau.

falcons and the vikings. realize russell wilson, who is in his third year, is 9-0 in his career against super bowl-winning quarterbacks. got one more year left on his rookie deal. he'll cash in at the end of this no surprise, they started with

lynch and a good play by burnett, closing down to make the stop, a gain of three. >> troy: no surprise at all that they're on first down they give the ball to marshawn lynch, because they got him going. you know, there at the end, he was feeling it.

and so they can get back into normal game mode and see if they're able to keep that running game going. i like what they did with russell wilson on some of the read option keepers. i'm sure we'll see some of that here on this possession as well.

>> joe: he keeps it here. he's floats it, pass is caught for a first down by baldwin. gain of ten. >> troy: well, good play action there, they bring doug baldwin from the other side of the formation. fake the handoff.

he's in the flat and they're able to pick up the first down. this defense, we talked about how good they have been throughout this game. and when they had to make the stops, they were unable to do it at their end in regulation time. starts and stops.

remember, seattle wins the game if they score a touchdown with this possession. if they don't, green bay will get the ball even if seattle kicks a field goal, they'll get a chance to answer and a 182-yard day from scrimmage for second and six.

wilson out to his right, now back to the middle, peppers is in on the play. daniel as well. no gain on the play. guion was in there, plugging up the middle as well. >> troy: big third down right here, joe, as we know.

you think about it. seattle has all the momentum, the way that they came back, they got -- took the lead. of course green bay able to go down, kick the field goal, send it into overtime, but i think green bay is still rnd woing how this game ever got to overtime.

it's a big third down for them >> joe: wilson, baldwin, what a throw! on third down and six, 35 yards to doug baldwin. >> troy: well, they've had this shot throughout the day. they've just been unable to complete it.

casey hayward is in coverage on he's in the slot. press coverage. a lot of field to work. casey hayward's anticipating. it's going to be a shorter route because of down and distance. instead it's a go route up the sideline and a perfectly thrown

>> joe: 35 yards, longest play of the day for either side. wilson, toward the end zone, it is caught! seattle's going to the super bowl! jermaine kearse! >> troy: joe, no safety in the middle of the field.

they got one-on-one, no middle help. jermaine kearse takes the middle of the field, he beats tramon williams, and another perfectly thrown pass by russell wilson. when the game was on the line, and he had to start making some plays, russell wilson, marshawn

lynch, they made them. and as good as this packers' defense had been throughout the game, for about 55 minutes, they couldn't make the stop on three straight possessions when they had to. and seattle's moving on. >> joe: how about jermaine

kearse, the local kid, played collegiately at washington. signed as a free agent. was with san francisco, with chicago, back with seattle. russell wilson tried to get it to him four times in this game and threw four interceptions earlier.

that's his one catch, and the local kid good from 35 yards out, to send pete carroll and the seahawks back to the super bowl. and you can read the lips of mike mccarthy saying "unbelievable" as he and carroll came together at midfield.

and that's the right word. >> troy: it's an improbable of a win as i've ever witnessed. >> joe: overwhelmed with emotion, russell wilson 3 for 3 on that final drive, 80 yards and the touchdown. he got better as the game went on.

he saved the best for last. the 63-year-old pete carroll has got his team back in the super perfect throw. >> troy: green bay packers were not expecting this type of play, no middle help, as i said. they give the big-play guy, jermaine kearse, an opportunity

one-on-one. russell wilson sees it, look at the throw. drops it right out of the sky, into the hands of jermaine kearse for the winning >> joe: the look on the face of the tight end brandon bostick, second-year pro out of newbury

who could not corral on the onside kick try. let's go down to the field. here's erin. >> joe, thank you so much. we see it. overcome with emotion, russell just tell me, what are you thinking right now?

>> god is good all the time. every time. these guys on this team are unbelievable. the fight, the fight, over and over again. people used to doubt, man. just excited to be on this team, excited to play with the guys.

four minutes left in the game, three minutes, four interceptions and just keep playing and the guys just keep believing in me, man. credit to the packers, they had an unbelievable season and i'm just honored to be on this team. >> pete carroll told me at the

half this offense just needs to stay patient, they need to stay with it. easier said than done. what was key for you guys there? >> just making the plays at the end, keep believing. there was no doubt. we had no doubt as a team.

just making the plays. funny thing is, i was on the sideline right before the last drive, i said, we'll be ready for the play we ran for the i said i'm going to throw a touchdown and win the game. and sure enough, mentally god prepared me for this these

situations, prepared our team as well. i'm honored to be on this team and we're going to the super bowl again. >> yes, you are. congratulations. >> thank you. >> joe: every team had multiple

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